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I have just started using CDShell today, and want to use a custom splash image. I followed the instructions, but yet the splash image won't load. I even slightly modified the one that came with the .zip file, which is 32-bit depth by the way, and it don't work either. Help...
did you convert the bmp file to a csi file?
Yep, and neither want to load. I'm wondering if there was a code change that isn't in the doc's??? Otherwise, I'm clueless on why this thing ain't workin.
Make sure you have the most current version.

Try and encode the default BMP to a CSI file without any changes.

If that works then its the editor you are using, if it does not then post a message and I will post a couple test files for you to try.
Well, not sure what I did, but it seems to be working now. Every now and then have an issue getting the boot-loader to work correct with WinISO, but I have gotten a handle on that.

Thanks a bunch,
Really strange, on some machines the splash screen works, on some it does not.
The machine has to meet certain minimum requirements with regards to Vesa Bios Extensions. But even if it meets those requirements, there is still some possible trouble. CSI images are 24-bit color depth, but some cards don't report a 24-bit mode, only a 32-bit one. Well CD Shell has been tested extensively in 32-bit mode, but not 24 (I don't have access to many machines with such a configuration). I found it working on the one machine I could track down with 24-bit color mode, so assumed it would work for all. So this may be the situation where it's not displaying.

If you include a 320x240x8 bmp image, CD Shell will fall back to VGA mode if VBE support is found to be insufficient.
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