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Full Version: Can't Make Ontrack Disk Mananger Dos V10.46 Run
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Hi All, I Now want to integrate the Ontrack Disk Manager DOS V10.46 into my Multi-boot DVD, the DVD is using cdshell 2.1.5.

Ontrack Disk Manager DOS V10.46 have a wizard to make DOS Bootdisk(2 DISK),so I can get 2 IMG file. I combine the two IMG into one 2.88M IMG, then I boot it using memdisk tools of cdshell (VMware), The IMG can be booted, but dm.exe is not work. That prove the environment is not suitable for dm.exe running.

So I then make the 2 IMGs into an ISO file, and boot it in VMware directly, Dm.exe works!

As we known,the nowadays multi-boot technologies is emulating a BIOS environment actually ,including cdshell and Nu2'diskemu. And Ontrack Disk Manager DOS V10.46 I think it also needs emulated BIOS environment to make dm.exe working. The BIOS emulator maybe the xbios.exe including in the IMG.(I am not sure that) . However, unfortunately there are some compatibility problem maybe, betweend DM''s BIOS emulator and cdshell' BIOS emulator.

Who could help me out, Thanks a lot!
Try booting the image with the latest ISOLinux/MemDisk.

this is compatibility issue of reading COMPRESSED file from ISOLinux/MemDisk. using latest version won't help. Some BIOS just having problem on reading compressed .gz or .zip file from memdisk.

here is how you fix it.

create a (1.44X3)MB IMG file (with ISOLinux/MemDisk boot file). And dump your uncompress 2.88 Ontrack Disk Manager DOS V10.46 into the (1.44x3)mb IMG file.

now the new IMG should work on ALL kind motherboard or bios.

note1: the key point is, if you want the ISOlinux/memdisk work on all motherboard or bios. the IMG file should not be compressed.

note2: if you are using winimage, and you want drag a IMG file INTO another IMG file. you can only doing this by clicking "image" then "inject" (if you are using GUI draging , it will just give you error message). smile.gif
The newest MemDisk supports zipped images. Also supports RAW mode for those pesky ME/XP DOS Boot floppies.

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