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Full Version: CD SHELL boots but ...
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ok ... I've managed to create an image per the instructions:

* downloaded and extracted the CD Shell zip
* copied the iso's I wanted to include on the cd into the same directory as the "boot" folder
*loaded Roxio and configured the bootable cd options so that the Boot image file poined to loader.bin. Emulation type set to "no emulation". Loaded segment 0x07C0 (or just 07C0) and set the Number of sectors to load to 4.

The iso's I chose were knoppix std, SLAX, and SLAX KillBill. With the burnt cd I'm able to reboot with the CD Shell cd.

cool.gif cool so far

From the command line I've attempted to use:

diskemu <filename.iso> and memdisk <filename.iso> ...

diskemu will go so far with all three distros then crap out, unable to find a directory, etc

mad.gif blew up ... attempted 4 or 5 times each ... making the same mistake repeatedly?

memdisk will load ... and load ... and load ... and load ... after several minutes of loading I've interrupted the process as the cd stops spinning early on in the process.

... has someone ... I know someone has ... what a question ... can someone provide me with additional instructions to be able to launch multiple linux live cd distros?

Thanks in advance,


you cant load iso files.
You´re able to load iso files if you included the corresponding bcdw module into latest cdshell "boot\modules" folder!

I use bcdw 2.01a for cdshell (all files included)
You might download it Here

The boot command is:
<bcdw boot xxx.iso> (..if your iso is placed in "boot" directory)

otherwise use:
<bcdw boot \xxx\xxx.iso>

To add knoppix to your multiboot CD you´ve to adjust mkisofs options to create your iso!
This topic should help you to set the correct options!

Wolfgang Brinkmanns Site contains useful information about how to set knoppix with mkisofs too!
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