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Full Version: Boot Problems On Various Bios:es
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Im trying to build a couple of rescue cds for use at my work and have successfully done so.
My first boot-cd used isolinux/memdisk for approx ~15 images and was almost perfect.
The problem is that it won't boot on several machines, most notably laptops and some intel motherboards and other stray boards (some servers etc..).
I have tried _all_ mkisofs flags up and down. Rebuilt the isos in multiple versions etc.. I have tried the isolinux from the latest isolinux build.. not so latest isolinux-build, slackware-current, and finally knoppix. The strange part is that both knoppix and slackware-current does boot on all machines when i build the images.. But when I use the _SAME_ loader with the _SAME_ mkisofs buildcommand.. my iso wont boot..
Finally i gave up on isolinux, attributing it to some --boot-load-size blaha error since isolinux is bigger than 4 blocks..
So i started with a new boot-cd with cdshell.. Latest revision.
Sat up all night long and rebuilt it with timeouts, multiple keypresses etc.
But when i tried it this morning on an Acer laptop.. the DAMN THING WOULDNT BOOT!
No errormsgs no nothing, just like the older isolinux boot-cd.. just keeps dropping to
the next available bootdevice. ie. windows on a hd in this case.
But when I try a different boot-cd.. like UBCD.. It starts just fine on the same laptop.
Please help me guys. Im going nuts.. What am I missing?
Can the burning software be an issue? I have almost exclusively used nero @ work.
What am I missing? Do I need to edit some file and do some other hex-magic?

milkyn@voodoomaster:~$ mkisofs --version
mkisofs 2.01 (i686-pc-linux-gnu)

mkisofs -o ../cofv07.iso -b boot/loader.bin -no-emul-boot -boot-load-size 4 .

mkisofs 2.01 (i686-pc-linux-gnu)
Scanning .
Scanning ./boot
Scanning ./boot/menus
Scanning ./boot/modules
Scanning ./boot/modules/isolinux
Scanning ./images
24 234
25 326 boot
26 334 menus
27 518 modules
28 160 isolinux
29 926 images
Cache hit for '/..'
30 30 /TRANS.TBL
31 31 ./mkisofs
Cache hit for 'boot/.'
Cache hit for 'boot/..'
32 39 ./boot/cdsh.bin
40 40 ./boot/cdshell.ini
41 47 ./boot/
48 48 ./boot/loader.bin
Cache hit for 'menus/.'
Cache hit for 'menus/..'
49 50 ./boot/menus/hdd.scn
51 52 ./boot/menus/main.scn
53 54 ./boot/menus/main2.scn
55 56 ./boot/menus/memdiag.scn
57 58 ./boot/menus/other.scn
59 59 ./boot/menus/timeout.scn
Cache hit for 'modules/.'
Cache hit for 'modules/..'
60 66 ./boot/modules/basic.csm
67 68 ./boot/modules/boot.csm
69 70 ./boot/modules/diskemu.csm
71 71 ./boot/modules/extend.csm
72 72 ./boot/modules/history.csm
73 78 ./boot/modules/isolinux.csm
79 80 ./boot/modules/macro.csm
81 81 ./boot/modules/mouse.csm
82 83 ./boot/modules/script.csm
Cache hit for 'isolinux/.'
Cache hit for 'isolinux/..'
84 84 ./boot/modules/isolinux/isolinux.cfg
85 94 ./boot/modules/isolinux/memdisk
Cache hit for 'images/.'
Cache hit for 'images/..'
95 391 ./images/aida.igz
392 859 ./images/cpuburn.igz
860 1557 ./images/dban.igz
1558 1986 ./images/dft.igz
1987 2140 ./images/fjdt.igz
2141 2712 ./images/ghost.igz
2713 2983 ./images/maxtor.igz
2984 3003 ./images/memtest.igz
3004 3025 ./images/memtestp.igz
3026 3130 ./images/mhdd.igz
3131 3799 ./images/ntrecov.igz
3800 3934 ./images/part.igz
3935 4441 ./images/pqmagic.igz
4442 4692 ./images/samsung.igz
4693 5268 ./images/sea.igz
5269 6050 ./images/seae.igz
6051 6162 ./images/spinrite.igz
6163 6392 ./images/testdisk.igz
6393 7028 ./images/wddiag.igz
Writing: Initial Padblock Start Block 0
Done with: Initial Padblock Block(s) 16
Writing: Primary Volume Descriptor Start Block 16
Done with: Primary Volume Descriptor Block(s) 1
Writing: Eltorito Volume Descriptor Start Block 17
Size of boot image is 4 sectors -> No emulation
Done with: Eltorito Volume Descriptor Block(s) 1
Writing: End Volume Descriptor Start Block 18
Done with: End Volume Descriptor Block(s) 1
Writing: Version block Start Block 19
Done with: Version block Block(s) 1
Writing: Path table Start Block 20
Done with: Path table Block(s) 4
Writing: Directory tree Start Block 24
Done with: Directory tree Block(s) 6
Writing: Directory tree cleanup Start Block 30
Done with: Directory tree cleanup Block(s) 0
Writing: The File(s) Start Block 30
Total extents scheduled to be written = 7179
69.83% done, estimate finish Thu May 26 19:30:01 2005
Total translation table size: 2048
Total rockridge attributes bytes: 0
Total directory bytes: 10240
Path table size(bytes): 82
Done with: The File(s) Block(s) 6999
Writing: Ending Padblock Start Block 7029
Done with: Ending Padblock Block(s) 150
Max brk space used 0
7179 extents written (14 MB)
Im just gonna build the image using ultraiso.. and then let you know.
Strange part is that the mkisofs iso that i created didnt have the load segment set in the eltorito header.. but neither did UBCD..
Using "generate bootinfotable" in ultraiso made isos that wouldnt boot on my wmware workstation.
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