CD Shell V2.0.16 is reporting error code 81400219 when attempting to boot an Ultimate Boot CD 3.3 disc. Is that error code documented anywhere?

This same UBCD boots fine on several other PCs, but fails on an old motherboard which has a Pentium 133, 32 MB RAM, and an EGA-compatible video card (not VGA). Is it possible that a VGA card is required to boot CD Shell, or that more than 32MB of RAM is required?

The code 81400219 appears at the lower right-hand corner of the screen, following a pair of brackets "[ ]" enclosing several spaces. At the top of the screen, I see:

"Error booting from CD/DVD drive.
Press any key to reboot."

The rest of the screen is blank.

This error code 81400219 is different from the one reported by Victor Chew in another topic here. Have tested 3 different CDRW and/or DVD drives, and the same symptom occurs. Is a comprehensive list available for CD Shell boot error codes?