Hi there Please I need your HELP !!!

I've just downloaded warez's boot cd 7.2 iso file ...
And used nero to burn the image file after applyaing the patch for the portuguese keyboard ...

The result burned (boot CD) doesn't work it just doesn't boot ... ????!!!!

I keep getting this message:

"ERROR ! cannot load file (code:5555h):\bootcd\bcdw.bin

Press any key to boot from hard disk or ESCape to reboot "

It seems to me that it's someting related with the Bootable CD Wizard (BCDW)??
or something ... Should I use UltraISO instead to burn the iso file?
and "grab" an loader from any other working boot cd?

Please help!

What I'm I doing wrong ???? please advise !!!
I just used Nero to burn the image file after the keyboard patch ...

What should I do in order to have an full working Boot CD ???

Antonio Fernandes
alias cyberpax