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Ok so here's what I did:

I created a folder in C...
called it... "CD"
for the cd and put the "Boot" Directory from the cds dir in it.
and also put two ISO files:
1. ERD Commander - some local NT thingy.
2. INSERT - a live Linux Disturb.

Both of them, works great when each has his own CD (meaning... When i burn it directly as an image).

now i used mkisofs with this command:

mkisofs -o things.iso -b boot/loader.bin -no-emul-boot -boot-load-size 4 c:\CD

and i got the ISO file all good, and burned as IMAGE File.
not when i load it.
i click on the first option, that gives me a shell,
and type: cd \
get to the root folder and type diskemu <one of the ISO files>
and it startes loading...
if i load the ERD commander i get a Blue screen of death.
and if i launch the linux one i get some poo and very low access permission (like 6 commands) :\

Why is that?!
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