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Full Version: what's the difference between CDShell & BCDW
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i'm little bit lost

Someone can tell me the difference between CDShell & Bootable CD Wizard ?

thanks 4 the explanation.
I'll try to answer this.
Both are boot menu utilities.
BCDW can handle floppy images and setupldr.bin files.
It can boot nonstandard (not \i386 directory) without modification to that file.
It also can boot ISO images if the bootsector of the image contains the entire application you're booting. (Acronis utilities)
CDShell has 2 methods of booting floppy images, and can handle boot.bin OS loaders from bootable CDs.
It also can handle linux booting via ISOlinux, use compressed floppy images via memdisk, which uncompresses to memory making the image writable until next boot.
CDShell's scripting interface is more advanced than BCDW's menu files.
Personally, I have both using BCDW as my main menu and CDShell for doing specific operations.
Someday I'll make a boot script and use CDShell as my main menu, someday.... rolleyes.gif
There is also a BCDW module for CDShell which works without BCDW's boot sector.
Thanks d4vr0s

but if i want to use "Acronis True Image" boot, only BCDW can do it and not CDShell

I liked CDShell for his customisation, but if i can't use True Image, they are no need to use
Have you tried booting it with the bcdw module under cdshell?
All Acronis Products work fine with the BCDW plugin for CDShell, both with version 1.50z and 2.01a.
BCDW is more simple for beginners. you have only to edit 1 file and add you lines..
EasyBoot is a paid alternative
The Acronis products can also be started as a linux. Their discs have an included kernel and ramdisk file. If you extract these you can use the following line in CDShell.
isolinux /images/acronis/kernelti.dat quiet vga=788 load_ramdisk=1 prompt_ramdisk=0 ramdisk_size=30000 initrd=/images/acronis/ramdiskti.dat /S

CDShell is my favorite, as you have this versatile scripting support, but can also use BCDW or Isolinux functionality.
It can boot nonstandard (not \i386 directory) without modification to that file.?
i ask you say more about it
setupldr has the path "I386" coded into it, so adding more than one OS involves adding extra folders called e.g. "ABCD", then hex editing setupldr to change the paths within it.
BCDW 2.01a avoids this hexediting step, by patching setupldr in memory to match the four letter folder it is found in.
However, w2k3sp1 setupldr checks itself to see if it has been altered, so the automatic BCDW 2.01a hexediting is no good for this.
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