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In the file Txtsetup.sif what do the numbers trailing the driver files mean:

bootvid.dll  = 1,,,,,,3_,2,0,0,,1,2
kdcom.dll    = 1,,,,,,3_,2,0,0,,1,2
c_1252.nls  = 1,,,,,,3_,2,0,0,,1,2
c_437.nls    = 1,,,,,,3_,2,0,0,,1,2
l_intl.nls  = 1,,,,,,3_,2,0,0,,1,2
vgaoem.fon  = 1,,,,,,3_,22,0,0,,1,2
acpi.sys    = 100,,,,,,3_,4,1,,,1,4
wmilib.sys  = 1,,,,,,3_,4,0,0,,1,4
atapi.sys    = 100,,,,,,4_,4,0,0,,1,4
disk.sys    = 100,,,,,,5_,4,0,0,,1,4
classpnp.sys = 100,,,,,,5_,4,0,0,,1,4
I'm experimenting and trying to add a driver file to txtsetup.sif to see if that will enable the program - but I have no idea how the syntax for the numbering works. The txtsetup.sif file itself has a legend at the beginning that tells you the following, but I still do not know what it all means:

_x = %cdname%,%cdtagfile%,,""
_1 = %cdname%,%cdtagfile%,,""
_2 = %cdname%,%cdtagfile%,,""
_3 = %cdname%,%cdtagfile%,,""
_4 = %cdname%,%cdtagfile%,,""
_5 = %cdname%,%cdtagfile%,,""
_6 = %cdname%,%cdtagfile%,,""

1_ = %cdname%,%cdtagfile%,,""
2_ = %cdname%,%cdtagfile%,,""
3_ = %cdname%,%cdtagfile%,,""
4_ = %cdname%,%cdtagfile%,,""
5_ = %cdname%,%cdtagfile%,,""
6_ = %cdname%,%cdtagfile%,,""

EDIT: I suppose most folks will just look in their layout.inf and copy the string that pertains to the respective driver? If a driver is not listed in the layout.inf (and the program is installed on that system), it's safe to assume that program will not need any entry in the txtsetup.sif for BartPE?
Some reading material...

This one has the best info...
There is a picture about 4 posts down with a perfect answer to your question.

Thanks for the references - nice info.
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