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Does any one know where i can find the version 8 of ghost 32.exe. I just picked up system works 2005. Dammed if I can find any ghost 32.exe file in the install. and now I think it may even be the wrong version of ghost to begin with. Not 8. From what I understand I need the following files in the plugin folder ghost32.exe, ghostexp.exe, ghostsrv.exe, ghostcdr.dll, . Does any body know where I can get them?
Hi hunchback,
you need the enterprise edition/solution suite of ghost!
There you will find the ghost32.exe
Is there a number attached to this edition? eg 2002 2003 ver8 or 9. There seems to be a 101 different versions of everything symantic puts out
Somebody claimed recently it was in the System Works 2005 Premium on the CD. Quite possibly it does net get installed.
It is in version 8 enterprise.
It is in Emule Pirate Enterprise Edition too ph34r.gif
QUOTE (paraglider @ Nov 11 2005, 08:24 AM)
Somebody claimed recently it was in the System Works 2005 Premium on the CD. Quite possibly it does net get installed.

It depends on what system it is installed on.

When I boot the Recovery Disk CD and select Utilities > Restore Legacy Ghost Image > Symantec Ghost 8.0 Corporate Edition is invoked. So it's on the CD somewhere.
I believe the 'ghost 8' on NSW2005 is a limited version for restoring images only.
Also, the dos version of ghost 8 is not the same as ghost32.
ghost32.exe version is 8.0 and 8.2 żIs there a newer version, something like 9.0 ?
I have not read about a newer version of ghost32.
QUOTE (oscar @ Nov 12 2005, 03:05 PM)
ghost32.exe version is 8.0  and 8.2    żIs there a newer version, something like 9.0 ?

Ghost 9 has no ghost32.exe in it.
Well this is fun. I have already taken back ghost 8 I have system works 205 sitting here, Thats going back, im going to get the evil eye for sure. Does any one know where i can just download those 4 ghost files? I really want to try to get out of the dos enviroment with ghost.
Ghost32.exe version 8.2 is included in Symantec Ghost Corporate edition, which is included in Symantec Ghost Solution suite......
PAYWARE is not the issue here. I bought 2 products which did not work . Have gone to (staples Office depot futurshop tiger direct) .ca . All of the sites are selling ghost 10. Even went to guess what ghost 10. I may be missing the boat here, but in my little corner of the world i cant find it.
I believe they are calling it 'Solution Suite' now.
Have a read here:
If you want anything less than 10 licenses then you are out of luck.
Got it thankyou. $47 later. 3 days of searching, it was like trying to find teeth in chickens.
Thanks Dav4ros.
look here:
C:\Program Files\Symantec\Ghost


I see many are talknig 8.2 but norton shows no updates , not even 8.0 as supported.

PV: = my version.

You must do a full install to to get all these files. Server, client, etc.

How to get this program, you should not need to ask. ( blush,P2p , gosh no , not ever)
May I suggest buying the newest one ,the obtaining what ever one you want and using that. It is too bad , older versions are not avail. from Norton , lets say ,
enter your SN and get access to older versions, on line.. Support free.

I understand after oct. 2005 , norton ghost has a special cd that boots PE.
but , it has limits, No CMD line. Which is really dumb. IMHO.
regards, gearhead.

Large Corps like Symantec , have no idea what people really want to do.
If they did , we wouldnt be asking these questions.
Old systems, blow up motherboards, alien VGA PCI cards, ect.

Symantec Ghost 8.0 Corporate Edition README.TXT
Copyright © 1998 - 2003 Symantec Corporation
All Rights Reserved 30 September 2003
Symantec Ghost 8.0 Corporate Edition Release Notes
I see someone saying , no sources for Ghost 8

Well , get on Ebay and buy any disk you want , even with the corporate logo and copyright , hologram, etc. !

the real thing, only it's used.

or the real thing, called NEW OLD STOCK NoS.
( tons of that out there in stores everywhere).

Google search finds them.

A legal disk is a disk that is legal (oem) in your possession.

It is still a free country and you can buy anything you want so long as it is not a copy.

I also find CD (oem) at "Half priced Books". a very cool store. brick and morter.

good luck ,

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