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Full Version: Double Driver, autoHelp plugin
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Plugin for Double Driver, free
(no. 121 on the download list)

-For Nu2menu and XPE

-can backup drivers from a non-bootable or "dead" system installation. Just specify Windows drive and sit back !

-If the program is not installed, the plugin will download it for you.

-Info HERE

Regards, StoneCut smile.gif

@echo off& Color F8&MODE CON: COLS=73 LINES=20&if not exist ..\..\REA.cmd echo Wrong Directory...&pause&exit
set SILENT=%1&set GET=call ..\..\REA.cmd&if exist start.inf.txt echo The plugin is already configured...&pause&exit

:: ==================================================
:: ==================================================

%GET% CREDITS "StoneCut" "" "314-104" "29.11.2005" ""

%GET% HEAD "600" "dd.exe" "Double Driver" "cmd" "Programs" "" "Rea" "Nu2" ""

%GET% INFO "" "free"

:: ==================================================
:: ==================================================

:: Download the program if not installed:
%GET% DOWNLOAD "" "" "" ""

%GET% PROGPATH "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\Double Driver_is1" "Inno Setup: App Path"
%GET% FOLDER "a" "unins000.dat" "unins000.exe" "" ""

:: Uncomment to supress UPX dialog:
::set autoUPX=no
:: ==================================================
::                   FINAL CLEANUP
if exist start.inf rename start.inf start.inf.txt&%GET% FINAL&exit
:: ==================================================

Note for users not using the reatogo setup:
The plugin depends on certain files to be in the PEbuilder root.
Download Getting_Started.exe and run it in your folder "plugin". This will put those depends into your setup and then present you with the list of all available autoHelp plugins, including this one.
Get it here
Looks useful indeed.

Online now as No. 121 biggrin.gif
DoubleDriver is unable to start within XPE ... error messsage about missing COMCTL32.OCX

found the following:
I tried with a copy of comctl32.ocx out of C:\windows\system32\ into the plugin folder before starting PEbuilder.
... no further probs smile.gif
thanks cool.gif
updated version online with the changes below.
I moved your post to this topic so we have everything together for reference.
Please post in the topic of the plugin you refer to in the future.

%GET% FILES "-2" "comctl32.ocx" ""

%GET% FOLDER "a" "unins000.dat" "unins000.exe" "" ""

copy "%SystemRoot%\system32\comctl32.ocx"

I trust it is ok., that I went ahead doing the addition.
If you want anything changed, let me know! biggrin.gif

I used some plugin folders that were made on another machine... maybe DoubleDriver was one of them ... if the file was copied anywhere else than DoubleDriver_autoHelp, it might got lost that way. huh.gif

Thank you for the fast reply and sorry for posting into wrong forum.

Just tested ... DoubleDriver is running fine now smile.gif
Thanks for editing that Siegfried, the plugin worked fine for me but that particular file might have gotten added to my system somewhere else.

I just don't have the space to keep two reatogo copies :/

Sorry, if it caused you any trouble call_me_berti !
QUOTE (StoneCut @ Jan 9 2006, 12:52 AM) *
Sorry, if it caused you any trouble call_me_berti !

Sorry? Wherefor? I somehow found a "dirty fix" for the problem.
Only reason for posting was the idea, to help someone else. I hope it did ...
Thank you for that plugin and thank you reatogo for the quick fix. biggrin.gif
WoW! ohmy.gif
I've just spent hours going through thousands of lists of plugins and trying to install them by hand. It is taking forever and gets a bit difficult at times as documentation is poor on most. However...stop the press! this is the only download you need and it can automatically install tons (you select what you want) of other really useful plugins!
I wish I found this sooner! rolleyes.gif
Thanks so much and keep up the good work please! biggrin.gif
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