When trying to set up the a menu based on dblblue.cds and _dblmenu.cds by doctorxp, I get the following error:

Error: Operand expected.
[Command: if][Line: 70.1] [File: _dblmenu.cds]

This is after the menu is running, and while item 1 is selected I press the up arrow to select item 19 (or 9, I'm not sure where it's supposed to go) but instead I get dropped to the console with this error. I've tried digging around _dblmenu.cds and the best I can figure is that it's taking $MenuStep and subtracting 1 from 1, finding that there is not a menu position for item 0 and dying then.

Line 70 reads:

If $OptionDisabled_$MenuStep && $CurrentMenustep == ($MenuStep + 1)

Neither item 1 or 19 are disabled, but item 9 is (on my script). On DoctorXP's script, 1, 19 and 9 are all enabled. Both my script and DoctorXP's unmodified script receive the same errors.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

UPDATE: This only seems to happen if the up arrow is the FIRST key pressed in the menu. If I move off of option 1 then go back, it just blinks when I press the up arrow. If I move over to item 11 and press the up arrow, it just moves to 19 as expected.