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Full Version: Unbootable Iso's With Cd Shell V2.1.6
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I am using CD Shell v2.0b and can create a properly bootable disk. I want to start using CD Shell v2.1.6 mainly to get with the times.

Directory of F:\Project\cd_shell

<DIR>  .
<DIR>  ..
<DIR>  acronis
<DIR>  aida16
<DIR>  tools
<DIR>  tomsrtbt
<DIR>  startool
<DIR>  base
<DIR>  bin
<DIR>  boot
<DIR>  spinrite
<DIR>  bootdsks
<DIR>  programs
<DIR>  pquest
<DIR>  pci
<DIR>  packs
<DIR>  Oobc
<DIR>  ntfspro
<DIR>  devel
<DIR>  diskcmd
<DIR>  Dos
<DIR>  drhard
<DIR>  Dskc
<DIR>  norton
<DIR>  easyrec
<DIR>  Erdc
<DIR>  f-prot
<DIR>  hdd
<DIR>  hexedit
<DIR>  i386
<DIR>  ibios
<DIR>  info
<DIR>  modules
<DIR>  iomega
<DIR>  isolinux
<DIR>  killdisk
<DIR>  lang
<DIR>  memtest
<DIR>  vc
      325 Licinfo.txt
      243 livecd.sgn
      339 LICENSE
  928,906 initrd.gz
        0 dump.txt
    3,002 cheatcodes.txt
        5 Cdrom_nt.5
        4 Cdrom_ip.5
        0 Cdromsp3.tst
    2,048 bootsect.bin
    2,048 Booterdc.bin
  153,248 Bootable_CD_Loader.exe
       58 autorun.inf
   25,214 Autorun.ico
       69 autorun.bat
   12,014 License.txt
2,988,539 vmlinuz
       10 Win51
       10 Win51ia
       10 Win51ib
       10 Win51ic
        2 Win51ic.sp1
       10 Win51ip
        2 Win51ip.sp1
       10 Win51is
      167 Winbom.ini
26 File(s)      4,116,293 bytes
39 Dir(s)  78,142,803,968 bytes free

The only items I changed in my root structure was
- remove existing boot folder containing CD Shell v2.0b and it's modules.
- added boot folder from CD Shell v2.1.6 and copied by cdshell.ini file, and generated the iso with following parameters using mkisofs version (i686-pc-mingw32).
mkisofs.exe -iso-level 4 -duplicates-once -force-uppercase -J -joliet-long -V "PowerXP SLAX" -A "CD-SHELL/MKISOFS" -sysid "Win32" -N -nobak -eltorito-boot boot/loader.bin -no-emul-boot -boot-load-size 4 -hide boot/loader.bin -o C:\SRCD.iso "F:\Project\cd_shell"

Once the ISO was generated I tested it in VMware and received "Error booting from CD/DVD drive." message with an error code of 808003F9. If I undo the change of boot folder and regenerate the iso, all works well both in VMware and off cd.

Any help in upgrading/migrating to CD Shell v2.1.6 would be greatly appreciated.
CD Shell V2.1.6 support ISO9660:1999. Case is importand.

CD Shell V2.1.6 expect lower case names.

Uppercase needed parts at hard disk first.
Don't use -force-uppercase next.
Yeah, I think i'll settle with CD Shell v2.1.4 instead of mucking around too much with filecase. Thanks for you suggestion none the less.
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