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Full Version: Adding Gparted To Bcdw 2
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I've seen some of the other topics about adding GParted (GNOME Partition Editor) to a multiboot CD. I couldn't download the BartPE plugin (blocked at work), and the manual instructions involving the ISO file didn't work for me.

After a lot of experimentation I got it to work. I thought I would post what I did, because I suspect that it would work for other situations where ISOLINUX is used.

How to add GPARTED to a CD and boot it with BCDW
GParted gparted-livecd-0.3.1-1.iso and BCDW 2.0a1 used
  • Download the GParted live CD and open with ISOBuster (or a similar tool).
  • Extract the contents of the Live CD. You will get a file called GPARTED. and a directory called ISOLINUX.
  • Make sure the name of the large (30MB) file "GPARTED" is all lowercase.
  • Rename the directory ISOLINUX to GPARTED. The actual name isn't significant, but this is what will be used in the example below.
  • Make sure the name of all the files in the GPARTED folder are renamed to lowercase.
  • Set up the GPARTED files in the directory structure of the boot CD as follows. The location of the GPARTED directory isn't totally significant, but moving it down a level meets my goal of reducing the number of root-level files and directories on my boot CD.
    gparted    [file]

(Note that this isn't all that you need on the CD - this is just where to put the GPARTED files.)
  • Use the following line in the bcdw.ini file to boot GPARTED. This should all be on one line:
\IMAGES\GPARTED\ISOLINUX.BIN;GParted Partition Utility;;IMAGES/GPARTED/linux APPEND noapic initrd=IMAGES/GPARTED/initrd.gz root=/dev/ram0 init=/linuxrc ramdisk_size=65000 source=/dev/cdrom/0

Where does this line come from?
  • The first parameter is the path to the ISOLINUX.BIN file, using DOS-style backslashes.
  • After the semicolon is a description. After the third semicolon, the command picks up again.
  • The second parameter is the path to the "linux" file, using Linux-style forward slashes.
  • If you look at the file isolinux.cfg, the next portion of the BCDW line is the contents of the first line in isolinux.cfg that starts with APPEND, with the initrd= line changed to reflect the path on the CD.
  • The last parameter is source=/dev/cdrom/0, which helped it boot but which I don't have any info on.
If you get this error message:
No GParted LiveCD found!!!
Kernel panic - not syncing: Attempted to kill init!

it means that the linux boot system (or whatever it's called) can't find the "gparted" file. In my case this was solved by making sure that the "gparted" file is at the root of the CD and that the filename is in all lowercase.
Nuno Brito
Thank you for this guide! smile.gif
Nuno Brito
Simplified instructions and suggestion to use Parted Magic instead of GParted:

useful information (FREE)

also FREE
Disk Partitioner program :Thanks,kmanpro

regards Ben
I now swear by GParted. The version I use is

The advantage of this is that apart from partitioning it does a perfect job of formatting evn the NTFS partitions.

My boot managaer or is BootIT Ng. I can put it only on a CD / DVD. The flash version won't permit it to co-exist with other options. So I have a 200 mb CD (Shirt pocket size) with These 2 utilities run from BCDW.
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