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Full Version: Clarification Of Hiding Cdshell Files
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I'm following instructions posted on cd shell site on how to hide cdshell files for a more clean looking final product.

Directory Structure
<DIR>          .
<DIR>          ..
<DIR>          boot
<DIR>          cd_shell
        11,264 mtee.exe
       220,508 mkisofs.exe

Step 1: Generate main.iso
- I generated that using the following mkisofs syntax
mkisofs.exe -iso-level 4 -duplicates-once -l -force-uppercase -J -joliet-long -V "PowerXP SLAX" -A "CD-SHELL/MKISOFS" -sysid "Win32" -N -nobak -eltorito-boot loader.bin -no-emul-boot -boot-load-size 4 -hide loader.bin -o %systemdrive%\main.iso "cd_shell"

- File main.iso of 741199872 bytes is generated.

Step 2: Generate boot.iso
- I generated that using following mkisofs syntax
mkisofs -l -C 0,361914 -o %systemdrive%\boot.iso boot

Step 3: Patch main.iso
- I opened main.iso in Ultraedit and found loader.bin in 3 location but can't figure out why the screenshot on cdshell website says \boot or instructs to look for cdsh.bin. Those two exist in boot.iso and not main.iso.

Could anyone clarify this for me or provide pointers to get this working?
Loader.bin is part of main.iso.
But file is hidden at your request: "-hide loader.bin".

Did you used a hexeditor as requested?
String "cdsh.bin" is located in file loader.bin.
And loader.bin is located in main.iso.

Did you read the subtile "OUTDATED INFORMATION!"?

Yes, current loader.bin dosn't match screenshot on cdshell website.
Website is outdated indeed.

No, I don't know a solution. Ask the cdshell author.
I'd like to know as well.
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