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Full Version: Cd Shell / Memdisk / Usb Dos Cd Rom And Ghost!
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I could really use some assistance on this one:

I use CD Shell (now the latest) to boot a USB CD ROM. It presents me a menu for several options.

I need to use Ghost.exe (from Ghost 2003) to image my drive on the target device.

So - from CH Shell I delect a menu option which calls memdisk and a DOS Floppy Disk image.

The DOS floppy disk image loads the Panasonic USB 2.20 Driver which enumerates the CD Rom.

I call ghost.exe from the CD ROM and the ghost freezes.

This used to work with an older motherboard that used the Panasonic 2.17 USB DOS CD ROM Driver. Now - I simply don't now why it doesn't work!! I can even boot WinPE from the same Menu from the same CD!

Is anyone else familiar with a combination of all these tools?


If you have a SATA hard drive, look for BIOS setting that lets you change SATA mode from "native"to "legacy."
QUOTE (CyberSlug @ Dec 13 2006, 06:50 PM) *
If you have a SATA hard drive, look for BIOS setting that lets you change SATA mode from "native"to "legacy."

Unfortunately - the target media is a CF card - but I experience the issue I described regardless of the target media (CF, IDE or SATA). The issue is booting into DOS, running in memdisk and loading ghost.exe
I am not much an expert with Ghost, but you may want to try:
1) the IOMEGA drivers instead of the Panasonic ones, it appears that Ghost ships with the first ones:

2) Use another method but memdisk to load the CD-ROM, you may try with a BCDL image:

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