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Full Version: Error cdshell with diskemu and bcdw
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I made a dvd multiboot but i have two error messages with my "winlite.iso" :

with this command : diskemu /SETUP/winlilte.iso

i have this messages :

and if i try this command : bcdw boot /SETUP/winlite.iso

i have this messages :

You know why it does not work

P.S : bcdw.csm (2.01a) is in modules and my iso weight 533Mo
I found this last night (9th post)

But I can't find mkisofs.exe, where can I download it ?*

and I do not know how to modify this command line :

mkisofs.exe -joliet-long -l -iso-level 2 -N -relaxed-filenames -duplicates-once -D -boot-load-seg 0x7C0 -boot-load-size 4 -o C:/combocdiso/THE_UBCD_COMBO.iso" -b "boot/loader.bin" -no-emul-boot -volid "THE_UBCD" -appid "The_GUI" -sysid "Win32" "C:/combocd/"
mkisofs is part of BartPE (in the version compiled by Reanimatolog, I believe), it is inside the pebuilder .zip.

about modifying the command line, you might want to try and read the mkisofs docs:
to understand what every switch does.

Alternatively, or better additionally, you can use a mkisofs GUI or pseudo-GUI such as:


P.S.: As far as I know, the "correct" solution is in post #15 in that thread:
so, using iso-level 4 and using SHSUCDX in dos instead of MSCDEX works for me:
(but I use grub4dos grldr, so this may not apply to your setup)

Does file "winlite.iso" contain windows installation files?
As far as I know this dosn't work.

Don't add a file winlite.iso, add single files.
Thank you for your help thumbsup.gif

I think I succeeded, but Vmware doesn't boot, Is this normal ??????
Well early ISO loading may work. However full windows installation is another tast.

Vmware doesn't boot because:
diskemu /SETUP/winlilte.iso load file. Setupldr.bin does start, first textmode part does work.
Drivers are loaded using BIOS calls.
However there is no driver for the diskemu /SETUP/winlilte.iso part. Hence the 0x7b.

Anyway: What about first reboot?
Setup does load files from CD after first reboot. How does setup find files inside /SETUP/winlilte.iso ?
Here's what I want to do :

I've made a multiboot dvd, thanks to these : dvd multiboot

It works perfecty, but I would like to integrate Win XP Pro as an Iso. Like this, it will take less place on the dvd. So I've try this command line :

diskemu /setup/winlite.iso

I got the error posted above. Then, I've tried this :

bcdw boot /setup/winlite.iso

With it, cdshell didn't find ntldr (First post)

I found a post talking about my problem (lerror ntldr) and I tried to create my iso file with mkisofs.exe.
nlite allows me to use mkisofs.exe and add my own parameters using a .dat file.
So I copy out this : -joliet-long -l -iso-level 4 -N -relaxed-filenames -D -boot-load-seg 0x7C0 -boot-load-size 4

The creation of the iso file works properly,but cdshell hangs like
on this :

I'm looking for the rignt command line to convert Win XP Pro into an iso file with mkisofs


\BOOT (cdshell) with bcdw.csm in modules' folder

\SETUP with my winlite.iso - ubcd.iso - gparted.iso
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