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Full Version: But it works in a VM
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I could really use some help here....

I have build a working multi-boot cd using cdshell by extracting the boot.iso file from many different builds of redhat (eg U1-x32, U1-x64 )

From each readhat cd I copied the boot.iso into my project path and build a cdshell.ini menu system which allows me to boot each of the iso files on the project cd depending on which flavor of red hat i need at the moment. (the ultimate goal of this project is for a single unified redhat cd to be used for NFS installs, and because of environment limitation I have to do this via a cd).

When I build the project iso via mkisofs and mount that in a fresh vm I can install any version of linux all I want,
however when I burn the project iso to either cdr or cdrw and use any physical machine I end up with a red
screen stating "Illegal OpCode"

Just before the red screen of death, there are many lines of text that scrolls by very fast that say things like :

isolinux: Found Something at drive =DD
isolinux: Found Something at drive =DC
isolinux: Found Something at drive =DB and so on.

To boot each iso I am using the diskemu command like this:

if $lastKey == key[a]; then diskemu /iso/5.0/u0/x64/boot.iso

To build the master iso I use this cmd line with mkisofs:

mkisofs -relaxed-filenames -d -D -J -b loader.bin -no-emul-boot -iso-level 2 -boot-load-size 4 -o c:\cdshell.iso .
Then i burn the image with imgburn.

I am out of ideas at this point as it works perfectly well in VMWARE and i have installed vmware on multiple machines (2003 server) just to make sure this was not a fluke. All the physical systems are HP server DL ML class machines.

Does anyone have any insight on how to solve this?

EDIT: removed needless quote
VM machine are a good testing environment, but are not the definite answer, testing on real hardware, as you report, can bring some surprises.sad.gif

I don't think there are many experts with multi-iso-booting of Redhat on this board, but CDShell, diskemu are quite"oldish" apps nowadays and maybe not anymore capable of booting something recent.

Something you may want to try is the newish grub4dos features of booting .iso images instead of diskemu, it is also possible that some modifications need to be made inside the Redhat's .iso's:

You may read in Google about the error "isolinux: Found Something at drive"
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