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Full Version: ISSUES with DELL
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Matt Trevatt
If someone could give me a heads up on any info re PE Builds for Dells.
I have created a disk that will boot on my HP machine and and a generic PC without any issues but my laptop Dell 6400 refuses to boot off the same CD. It doesnt even prompt me or give any error. It will boot of the OEM XP home install disk with a prompt to do so.
I am on a crap modem connection in Indo so I havent been able top search thru the forums much.

Can anyone point me to previous post or otherwise assist.

QUOTE (Matt Trevatt @ Aug 18 2009, 01:32 PM) *
refuses to boot off the same CD. It doesnt even prompt me or give any error.

Sounds like hardware.

Use high quality media, a proper writer and decent write speed.
Try ImgBurn too.
Let's go through the usual litany.

What did you use to create the .iso?
If the mkisofs.exe that comes with Bart's PEbuilder, with which options?
Are you using the "standard" XP CD bootsector? ("Microsoft Corporation.img" or "Arnes Boot Record")
What did you use to burn the .iso to CD?
At what speed?

The fact that you don't get ANY response when attempting booting from the CD on the Dell may mean:
  • that it's a bad burn (re-burn at LOWEST possible speed)
  • media is a DVD and the reader is CD only (don't get offended by this hint, it happens more often than you might think)
  • actual CD/DVD rom drive is dirty or defective (or both w00t.gif) and can read "pressed" CD/DVD's like the original XP one, but not some "burned" CD/DVD's

All other problems should give you at least an error. hmm.gif

QUOTE (jaclaz @ Aug 18 2009, 06:16 AM) *
Let's go through the usual litany.

Let's not. dry.gif

Created CD:
Functions on a clone PC.
Functions on a generic HP system.
Hits a hard stop on a DELL system.

Looks like DELL is the problem. fish.gif
Other obvious info points to a garbage CD reader.

I've been dealing with a similar issue but with Pocket Discs.
Also, what kind of cables are connecting the CD tray to the mainboard?
QUOTE (Daemonforce @ Sep 21 2009, 08:25 AM) *
Let's not. dry.gif

NO prob. smile.gif

Let's not try and help you then. whistling.gif

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