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Full Version: Boot Hard disk image imto RAM using grub4dos ??
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I've created an image of my windows XP primary partition using using "Selfimage". I now have a 2 GB myxp.img file. Before doing that I have installed Firadisk driver on the xp system. So the myxp.img is a bootable image that supports RAMDISK..

I want to burn this myxp.img on a blank DVDR and make this DVD a bootable dvd using grub4dos and load the myxp.img image into RAM using grub4dos. I have a bootable floppy image with grub4dos (grub.ima) that has 2 files in it: GRLDR and MENU.LST. I used UltraISO and edited the MENU.LST as follows:

map --mem (cd0)/myxp.img (hd0)
map --hook
root (hd0,0)
chainloader (hd0,0)/ntldr

I used Nero to create a bootable DVDR and used the grub.ima with the modified menu.lst above as boot image for nero and placed myxp.img on the DVDr root.

I booted my machine using thus DVDR but got the following error from grub4dos:

"Error 23: error while parsing number"

What am I missing here?

According to the grub4dos tutorial my menu.lst is correct, or isn't it?

First line mapping myxp.img from first cdrom device (i only have one).
Then map-hook (whatever that means)
then setting root as first hard drive and first active partition (this is where i suspect that causing the error, maybe I should hide my physical hd0.0 partition? This is my physical C hard drive.. I'm a newbie to rgub4dos, so I'm not sure)

last line chainloads to ntldr that exists inside myxp.img...

Please help

There are several things that may or will go wrong.
When experimenting ALWAYS use Grub4dos Command Line, as opposed to pre-made menu.lst entries.

Check the guide:

At first sight you are accessing (cd0) w00t.gif whilst most probably grub4dos will have your CD/DVD mapped as (cd).

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