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Full Version: Creating a bootup ramdisk drive of ghosted windows xp
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First off obviously I am very new to Bart PE and just joined up last night and while waiting I searched though alot of posts and didn't find a similar post to my needs.

What I am after is I have an NLited/picked apart version of my windows xp already built and running on a computer. I want to further my project by making a ghost image of the one presently running on my computer and make a boot up disk to load this ghosted image into a ramdisk at system bootup running off of the bootup disk CD and nothing else.

Before anyone asks, yes I am totally aware that once the system reboots nothing will be saved as that is exactly what I am after. I've researched this as much as possible through Google but can't seem to stumble on a how - to to achieve exactly this. I had a friend direct me here as he thought someone here could help.

My system I have is a 1525 dell laptop running 4 gigs of ram, all drivers were already slipstreamed into my NLited version. The 1525 inspiron is totally factory besides for the ram upgrade and the processor is an Intel Celeron 550 (2.0 ghz 533 mhz, 1M L2 Cache). The memory is 4-1 gig, DDR2, 667 hz chips.

If bartpe is capable of helping me out with my project can anyone direct me to a how-to using bartpe? As I am ready to get this project completed so I can move onto others.

Thanks in advance and God Bless,

Using Bart's PEbuilder, the result will invariably be a PE and never an XP. whistling.gif

Now you have two choices smile.gif:
  1. use a PE that greatly resembles an XP (Look for XPE and REATOGO)
  2. us a "real" XP in a ramdisk

If you want #2, you should get here:
what you need.

After years without any suitable RAMDISKS available, now we have two of them, Firadisk and WinVblock, besides the above that should represent the easier, automated way, take some time checking the "whole" sub-forum:

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