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Hello everyone,

I'm kind of a newbie here so forgive me if this is a very dumb question, I'v been reading a lot before writing this posts but after several days have come to the conclusion that some people have the same problem and none of them got any awnsers that worked for me.
So here it is: I've got a computer that wont load Windows XP fully, no BSOD, just a black screen after the load screen for XP. So what i am trying to do is see if i can recover my files using warezs BootCD before reinstalling my OS. I can boot into the miniXP of HBCD but it won't recognize my drives. I've used another utility to check under DOS if the drives actually still do something and they do still respond and i can browse through my files but cannot copy with this utility. Now i think the problem is that the MiniXP on HBCD doesn't contain the drivers i need, i got 3 disks set up in RAID 5 and i think that is why it doesn't show the harddisks. So i was wondering if anybody knows if it is possible to get my drivers into the miniXP on HBCD?

Thanks in advance,

No warez support.

Build a PE yourself and integrated drivers.
QUOTE (cdob @ May 17 2011, 11:08 PM) *
No warez support.

Build a PE yourself and integrated drivers.

Oh ok, i was unaware that HBCD was a warez cd, i tried building a BartPE cd and this didn't work for me. This was before i came across HBCD, but i guess i might give it another shot.
Another option to consider could be UBCD4WIN.
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