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I have an older computer that the cd part works but not the dvd part. Since I also needed to reinstall XP with the recovery disk (b/c of the set up, a regular XP disk won't work) I tried using an external dvd drive, but that didn't work and after some research found out that doesn't work on that model.

I've tried making a bootable usb stick with the HP tool, but with FAT types, the computer says it is invalid and it keeps saying can't format the stick if I do NTFS.

So I think I've gone through every other option except this. Since the recovery disk (two of them) are dvds, and only my cd player works, how can I spread the dvds over multiple cd's?

I've tried looking for other related topics, but nothing that really worked for me.
There's no guarantee that approach will work. Parts of the install may refer to other parts based on the drive address they are executing from and not finding the links may abort the install.

Replacing the DVD drive may be your best option. TigerDirect has some for less than $25US.
QUOTE (UnknownTBeast @ Aug 17 2011, 11:56 PM) *
I've tried making a bootable usb stick with the HP tool, but with FAT types, the computer says it is invalid and it keeps saying can't format the stick if I do NTFS.

The HP tool has a number of limitations.
There are better tools nowadays.
Among others, RMPREPUSB:

You cannot "spread" a DVD over multiple CD's "easily" dubbio.gif, but you could create a bartPE CD and use it to access the files (copied from the DVD's) on the USB stick (if still you cannot make it bootable).
Often "recovery CD's" (or DVD's in your case) are a "dd-like" or "ghost" image of the recovery partition on hard disk.
This way you may be able to re-create the recovery partition on the hard disk and then reinstall from it.

If you post some details on the actual PC (brand/make/model) and on the contents of the DVD's, I may be more specific.

Hello again,

I tried using an external DVD drive

just for the record if you open a USB external DVD drive you will find inside there is an ordinary DVD drive.

either an IDE (big ribbon cable) or if you got a new one ; with smaller data cables.(SATA)
it is worth having a look to see if it matches the DVD drive inside your PC .
of course if you got a laptop it is a different mater.

check see just incase there is a recovery partition .

Regards Ben
The model is a M400-S4031 Series by Toshiba. Tried looking on TigerDirect, but didn't find anything that would even go in a laptop, and since it is older, I don't think it would be around. There was 1 in the UK for $45, but that is last resort.

I tried taking about the cd/dvd drive, had neither ide or sata connector, but something I've never seen.

I'll try RMPREPUSB and see if that works.
hello again,
if your CD drive lazer works try making your own Windows installation CD instead of DVD.
the Bart way:

regards Ben
reference: Bart

additional note regarding the first link:
More help and links


Can’t burn a Windows CD
I have been following your tutorial on creating a Windows boot CD with Service Pack 2 integrated into it. Everything went fine until I attempted to slipstream sp2.exe into my installation files, when I received this error: “This service pack cannot be integrated into a destination that also has integrated software updates.”
I think it may have something to do with the fact my version of XP already has Service Pack 1a integrated into it. Is there a way around this problem as I’d like to get away from my OEM reinstallation disc?

It’s quite a common problem, sadly, but the good news is that there’s a workaround. First, browse to the I386 folder containing the installation files you’re going to use and delete the following file: SVCPACK.INF. You should also delete the SVCPACK folder inside here too, along with any folder marked OEM or something similar. You may also need to remove the WINNT.SIF file if it exists. Once done, you should find that the slipstream process works, enabling you to complete your Windows installation CD.

Unfortunately, I can only use the recovery program dvd since any other install doesn't detect the drive, even though it is confirmed working.
hello again,
if it is an older computer/laptop means there is no BIOS option to boot from USB

the only other solution is to use parted magic (pmagic boot cd google it and use imgburn .exe to burn the ISO to a CD)
to create a fat32 partition and copy the content of your DVD into it
the start the setup from there (again google the solution it is out there .)

regards Ben
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