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Full Version: Mount ntfs drives and call a *.bat file executing snapshot.exe
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Maybe bcd would be better for this
Here is, what i finally have and what i need:

5 computers with 2 physical harddisk drives each. I want to restore *.sna images from the secondary harddisk to the primary harddisk using Tom Ehlert's snapshot.exe. Now i just need to create a bootcd/dvd, which mounts my ntfs drives C: and D: and simply executes a *.bat script from D:\scripts\menu.bat with a menu, where i can choose one of the available images in D:\images from. During boot no other questions should be asked, except that menu with the images to choose from. I don't need no BartPE-Windows-system loaded. This takes too much time. The *.bat menu with its entries may be hardcoded and is fully sufficient and should be able to execute
D:\tools\snapshot.exe --autoreboot:success C: D:\images\myimage1.sna
D:\tools\snapshot.exe --autoreboot:success C: D:\images\myimage2.sna

After the image was restored, i need a reboot.
Any suggestions?

[edit:] what i forgot to mention: all ide and sata drives should be supported.
dubbio.gif Under DOS I have used NTFSDOS and NTFS4DOS to access files on NTFS volumes. But to do restores, especially of image backups, the format of the volume to be restored should be immaterial. The drive should be accessed via the image restore app using the machine's routines. Or are you saying the restore app is on a NTFS volume?
QUOTE (j4hr0m @ Jan 18 2012, 02:23 PM) *
all ide and sata drives should be supported.

The drive itself dosn't matter.

But which mass storage controller do you use?
Do you use IDE emulation mode at SATA controller?
Does BIOS support all SATA drives at IDE emulation mode?
I have now created "my own" bootcd. Just created a bootable dos boot-floppy, added cdrom (oakcdrom.sys) and ntfs (ntfspro) support to the autoexec.bat, extracted the bootimage with and burned it on a cd. The menu is displayed in running windows, after selection, i write to a batch file, which will be called by the bootcdrom. Thanks for thy helping folks!
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