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Full Version: Where Can I Find A List Of Hex Color Codes?
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I just built my first Bootscriptor CD and it works!!!! Now I'd like to change the color scheme on my menu. I did not see anything on the Bootscriptor website. Wheere can I find a chart of 2 character hex color codes?
Doctor xp
Check the BootScriptor tutorial (lesson1):

I advise you to read the full tutorial, it should make it easier for you to get started with BootScriptor.
This reminds me, I have been meaning to introduce a color function for CD Shell, so you could do things like:

set textColor = color[blue on white]

Sounds like fun. Look for it soon smile.gif
I just released CD Shell (build 5). It includes a new function called 'color', which provides the feature mentioned above. The Functions section of the documentation has been updated with instructions on how to use it.
Hi mike...

The new function color is fun but it has started troubling me now for quite a while...

Actually my problem is that i have a menu as....


1) Start windows bootable.
2) start XYZ..

No wthe problem is that i want the "------------------ " to be of suppose white color and "***" of some different color and MESSIAH of yellow color
and only the numbers to be green color and the start XYZ to be of red color with some highlight and it probably should blink...

So dude how do i go about..
It was pretty easy in bootscriptor as we could write the hex color code right in front of the text but now i just dont seem to understand what to do.

If i'm supposed to write "set textColor= color[yellow on black]" every time in front of each word i want in different color then it rather will look very dirty (code).

Please help me out..

Also i wanted to ask you something off topic...

I have set up a win98 disk with all the necessary programs installed.
Now after reading the forum i think i read somewhere that i can create .img files of the entire partition and boot it off into ram directly from the cd ??? is it true ??? IF yes then please tell me a method to do so.

also i wanted to know what exactly is a .gz compressed image and how to compress a .img file into .gz

is it done to compress the .img file so that we can save some space...

Please guys help me....

Some guys in this forum are having problems shifting from bootscriptor to cdshell. But HEY watchout i'm shifting from diskemu.cmd to cdshell ...

Please help me..

Doctor xp
For the color commands, you can still use " print " \c7f Text \ce8Other\n" "

You can use an HDD image as your large image, see RAMDisk XP from

For the GZ images, it is a compressed format that minimizes image size, you can use GZIP to compress it (or WinAce).
Hi thanks for the info..

I'll try the same color codes that i used in bootscrriptor in CDSHEll.. I guess that should solve my problem to a great extent..

Also i tried gzipping my .img files with GZIP.exe

I used the command gzip -f N t v 9 filename.img

But the output file was renamed to filename.imz instead of filename.gz is this supposed to happen..

I cant open the .imz images with winimage anymore it asks me to directly write them to a floppy..

Can anything be done to password protect these compressed images and load them by providing them with a password with CDSHELL at runtime..

Winimage allows to password a image file. I think it might also be possibel with gzip or winace
If this method could be made possible then i think our Bootable cd's can be protected from unauthorised access..

Please think about it..

check this
QUOTE (DanielSmith @ Mar 18 2008, 04:47 AM) *
check this

Not for $29.95 US!!

And replying to a thread 5 yrs old isn't a good use of your 1st posting DanielSmith. huh.gif
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