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I am looking for a way to bypass the unattended script in 2k/xp installations. Anybody out there know how to do this? I see plenty of help on makin unattended files, but I want the option to use or not to use the file. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. This is the last major hurdle before I release my Ultimate All In One Multboot DVD on the world smile.gif

you can find some informations here:

have fun
And like I said before, plenty of info on how to make one, but not a word about how to bypass one.
remove winnt.sif from the boot folder
Sorry, it seems as if I wasn't clear about what it is I am trying to do. I want to bypass the unattended script on the fly, not make a whole new image minus the .sif file. Like as the drive is booting, I want to be able to press a key and have it NOT load the unattended installation, just do a regular install. Anyone know if this is possible?
Hi jowaju

Its a bit difficult to make a suggestion based on the information provided but I will try based on my understanding on what you are trying to do.

Installation would take winnt.sif by default during installation from your floppy drive if it exists.

If it does not exist on the floppy it is not taken. Basically bypassed. Your problem is solved !!!

You would face a problem if you only have a cd drive (no Floppy). I have not tested it but I suppose the installation would search there also.

If you want to have the unattend.txt and still have the option to make a choice. That is interesting but I do not have the answer to that at present.
No that won't work either. I have an unattended script already in my installation folder on the bootable cd. I want to know if there is a way to bypass that script upon booting to the same CD. Although your info does make me wonder if it might be possible to have the CD load a fairly blank unattend file to a ramdrive b:, I wonder if the installer sees it there if it will take precedence over the one on the cd itself. Hmm.
Not 100% sure what ur trying to achive but I'll have a stab ....

My scripts include an unattended WinXp or Win2000 setup after laoding the usualy network, CD, settings files etc.

I use a line:

%setupfiles%\winnt /s:%SetupFiles% /u:.\unattend.txt

To start the unattended install (%setupfiles% is a variable holding the location of the setup files. This way, I can change it on the fly if needed. Didnt want to assume you have used variables before)

Anyway,it seems to be that if you want an option to run an unattended or manual install, all you need to do is add a choice or timeout option somewhere in your script.

something like --- Press U for unattend, M for manual (goto revelevent section)
Or maybe, --- Unattended script starting in 5 sec, press any to abort (goes to manual)

Is this the kinda thing you are after? I can help with script if thats the case.

I use unattended.txt files instead of .SIF 'cause I know how they work and I can manually specify

Are you saying if Win finds a SIF file it will auto use it? If this is the case, then using the unattended file instead of SIF would seem like a better option in this case, no?
Oops, should have menstioned that the scripts run from my Bart's MODBOOT.
What environment are u trying to setup Win from? PE, DOS, Win, Linux?
Haha, well thanks for the help guys, looks like this isnt going anywhere. I am using none of those, I am using a diskemu boot menu, and all I wanted to know was if there was a specific keystroke that could be used to bypass an unattended install to turn it into a normal install. Looks like this isnt going to happen so I'll brute force it, I'll just add the 30 or so OS's back in duplicate minus the unattend file and let the user choose between the two at startup, thanks again for all the input, it really is appreciated.
This maybe overkill or even over simplfy but why not try this since you have the space on dvd

use a menu then select (I assume using a dvd you have lots to offer on it ,so a menu would be a good idea - use easy boot disk ?)

one dir with i386 and a winnt.sif
one dir with i386 and without a winnt.sif


Don't know if this is what you are trying to do........
Doctor xp
If anybody knows such a keystroke, it would be a real advantage, but I hadn't heard about such a key so far, so the solution would be using duplicate I386 and creating the image with CDIMAGE or with MKISOFS and DFL would be the solution for now.
Yes Dangerous and Doctor XP, I think that is the way I must go. Except I use Balder Multiboot to make my images, but its the same nonetheless. Multiple copies of an i386 folder wont hurt my iso size one bit, it's just the time involved in replicating the directories that I was hoping to avoid. Thanks again for all your help.

BTW dangerous I use diskemu for my boot menu, it gets fairly complicated when there are over 50 os's and utilities on one DVD. I made a cascading menu, ie. Choose your OS/Utilities Menu, then the specific OS/Utility you want to load. Quite a bit of scripting, but I think it lays out nicely. I'm thinking I can change the options from A,B,C,D like they are now to 1,2,3,4 and then say if you want an unattended setup press the corresponding Function key. So 1 would be XP Home OEM SP1 unattended, and F1 would be XP Home OEM SP1 normal. Endless possibilities, but I am oh so close to my dream of having everything on one medium.

How about a peek at your ini file? wink.gif


Tiered menu's I like.....
Static menu is too limited!
(not enough buttons!!)


Here is the link to my previous posting which shows my boot menu.

Feel free to PM me with any questions.
Here's what you want:

a guide to have a cd witch have multiple unattended files.

Just take the original files this guide is talking about and it won't install unattended.

This way you can boot your cd with anything you want (I use cdshell) and then chain load the boot sector witch point to the unattended script. Really easy.

When I boot my CD, I get a cdshell menu that ask me:
Install XP:
[1] Normal
[2] Unattended (for my desktop)
[3] Unattended (for my laptop)

good luck
I'm not entirely sure that's feasible with my current layout. I have about 20 NT-based OS's, and that would be an inordinate amount of time and effort, especially to keep the name and numbering of the correct setupldr matching up with the correct sif file. I think I will just make seperate unattend files and make them a completely different option to choose on the boot menu. I was looking for an easier way, although it appears no such thing exists.
the method to use a floppy with Winnt.sif works very well for bootable CD's
with W2K, XP pro and slipstreamed versions of W2K and XP.
I've used them already several times
QUOTE (jowaju @ Jan 3 2004, 05:22 AM)
I am looking for a way to bypass the unattended script in 2k/xp installations. Anybody out there know how to do this?

One way would be to make an unattended script and put it on floppy. This, i believe has priority. Then you set the floppy unattended to be attended.
If I may suggest, when making your WinNT.sif file you are probably using the line, Unattended=FullyUnattended, change this to ProvideDefaults, then everything you provide will be considered a default, but you will be allowed to change them during the setup portion if your not wanting to use what you provided as a default.

Excerpt from Windows Preinstallation "REF.CHM":

Defines the unattended mode to use during GUI-mode Setup.

Syntax UnattendMode = DefaultHide | FullUnattended | GuiAttended | ProvideDefault | ReadOnly
Values DefaultHide
Specifies that answers in the answer file are defaults. Unlike UnattendMode = ProvideDefault, Setup does not display the user interface to end users if you specify in the answer file all the answers relating to a particular Setup page. If you specify only subsets of the answers on a page, the page appears with the provided answers. The end user can modify any of the answers on the displayed page.

Use UnattendMode = DefaultHide in deployment scenarios where an administrator might want only end users to provide the administrator password on the computer. This behavior is the default if you do not specify unattended mode.

Specifies a fully unattended GUI-mode Setup. If you do not specify a required Setup answer in the answer file, Setup generates an error.

During an attended Setup, improperly signed hardware drivers generate a warning dialog box. If UnattendMode = FullUnattended, then Setup does not install hardware drivers unless they are properly signed.

Use UnattendMode = FullUnattended in deployment scenarios where you require a complete unattended installation.

Specifies an attended GUI-mode section of Setup. When specified, the end user must answer all questions in the GUI-mode portion of Setup before Setup finishes.

Use UnattendMode = GuiAttended in preinstallation scenarios when you want to automate only text-mode Setup.

Specifies default answers in the answer file. In this case, Setup displays these default answers to the end user, who can change them if they are not appropriate.

Use UnattendMode = ProvideDefault in preinstallation scenarios where the OEM or administrator wants to give the person setting up the computer the option to change the predefined default answers (especially network options).

Specifies read-only answers in the answer file if the Windows Setup pages containing these answers appear to the end user. Like UnattendMode = ProvideDefault, no user interface appears if the answer file contains all the answers on a page. Unlike UnattendMode = DefaultHide, however, the end user can specify only new answers on a displayed page.

Use UnattendMode = ReadOnly in scenarios where an administrator wants to force specific answers on one page but not others.

Default Value DefaultHide
Example UnattendMode = FullUnattended

Comments The default value is DefaultHide when you do not specify the entry. When you specify this entry, it fully automates text-mode Setup with or without the necessary answers.


I know this doesn't fully help, but you can also call a batch file while installing which you can have ask you if you want to continue with the unattended once you have started the gui portion of the installtion, then if you do you can continue it, if not it can can point to a different file which will bypass your customizations and continue the basic install. Not sure where I read about it, but I believe it was here. You may want to try and google for it as well, someone else has asked this question at least once before.
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