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Full Version: Memtest - Stooopid Question..
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Sorry for the probably stupid question, but i've looked through the doc's / faq's and have played with this for a few hours but don't seem to be getting anywhere.

No matter what I try with CDShell i cannot get it to load Memtest.. i've tried various versions of Memtest ('s 3.0, 3.1, and's 1.11) i've tried the various bootable ISO's, Binary's and Floppy's but don't seem to get anywhere, i'm not sure if i need to prepare a different image or what!

Have tried loading it via memdisk, isolinux/memdisk and diskemu. The best response i've got from it is 8000 scrolling down the screen.

I have to admit, i'm pretty new to CDShell and it's taking a bit of getting used to, but if someone could point me in the right direction i'd be really grateful.

If you happen to have any pointers for getting the latest Seagate Seatools working also, that'd be cool.. that's driving me insane!
Rename the memtest.bin to memtest and try again. Last I heard, isolinux doesn't like the .bin extension because it's reserved or something.

thanks for the speedy reply..

i've actually already tried that in combination with everything else i mentioned
(so thats memtest.bin & memtest.ima & memtest with diskemu, memdisk, isolinux/memdisk)
i've just tried it again to be on the safe side but still haven't got anywhere..

I can't understand why i'm having so many problems when it just seems to work for everyone else!
Same problem here, it just displays 8000 over and over in the command prompt.
Whoops, my bad.

Just use the command isolinux /boot/images/memtest in the bscript/cdsh script.

What worked for me, was to make the floppy and then image it with a program called "DiskImager 1.1". I then booted it with memtest.

Hope it helps...
You are a scholar and a gentleman. That worked perfectly. wink.gif

I've not tried that method, but i have downloaded the program regardless! I've been looking for something that will image disks regardless of 'faults' or format and that looks to do the job admirably!

Cheers both!
I had similar issues. The only way I could fix it was to hex-edit the memtest.bin file and add zeroes to the end to make it larger (approximately 300k afterwards). This worked (image must have been too small for memdisk to emulate properly). However, the new Memtest86+ since 1.25 will boot from pure DOS using only, io.sys and msdos.sys (and using autoexec.bat to initiate the Memtest program). This should fix the issue.
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