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Full Version: Seagate Seatools 2.x
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(firstly my apologies for a double-post of sorts.. just hoping somewhere here may be able to help!!)

I know a number of people have had trouble getting the latest version of Seatools Desktop to work with any multi-boot disk. I've tried for a few days and haven't really got anywhere.. I've tried BCDW (latest ver), Bootscriptor and CDShell (latest stable and beta) and get the same results.. Seatools Desktop boots correctly until it's just about to launch the GUI after which it drops to a command prompt again.

Strangely this behavior happens on every computer i've tried INCLUDING VMWare, but it WORKS in VirtualPC2004. Crazy. And i can't for the life of me think what may be causing it, besides maybe a conflict in memory space (possibly to do with a VESA mode it's trying to launch!? i dunno!)

I was wondering whether anyone had managed to get this working?! It's frustrating as this is the only thing i need to get working to finally have my complete diagnostics CD! Any help would be appreciated..

WELL.. i've given in and just put 2 different versions on the CD.
Seatools 1.06 works on everything i've thrown at it.
Seatools 2.01 works on some, but not all. Suspect it IS a VESA Mode issue and possible memory conflict. Hope someone finds the real solution someday!
It works if you load it using the computer's floppy emulation. I'm not sure how you would do this in Boot Scriptor or CD Shell. I know I can load it using isolinux with the following in my isolinux.cfg file:

kernel /images/hdutil/seatools.img

basically you just tell it the path to the floppy image file.

You could type:
at the boot prompt and get the same result.

I wonder what kind of weirdness Seagate is doing with the program. Both Maxtor's and Western Digital's tools work ok with memdisk and are based off of the same ontrack product. You can do a heck of a lot more with their tools than with Seagate's too.
I solved the problem with seatool making a folder on the disc with seatools files and a floppy image that load file from the folder...
I making full working pm8, ghost, all hdd utilty, dosscandisk on ntfs ecc... very good this cdshell!!!!!
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