sorry my english isnīt so perfect. smile.gif

I want to create a boot CD, that looks like the third picture on the BCDW side. (from above, itīs look like an Windows XP screen) upps, itīs take away?!?!

So, I load: bcdw150z_en.zip , bcdw150z_cs_en.zip and the new CD shell.

I create an \CDSH Folder in bcdw150z_cs_en.zip and unzipp CDSHELL in this folder.
This CDSH Folder to the bcdw150Z_en folder??

And now?? What i have to do? Burning?? Or ....which folder in which folder??

so at the moment:

---- bcdw150z_cs_en
----- cdsh
---- cdshell2.xx
----- acronis.wbt
------ acronis2.wbt
------ i386
----- Win51 and Win51p and win51ip an win5boot.bin

I take Nero and the bcdwboot.bin. The acronis works ( with or without acronis.iso on the CD??) , WinXP doesnīt work and the picture of the normal BCDW screen.