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Full Version: Background Color Question
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is their a way to set the background with a custom color?

instead of the black background can it be like red, blue or green?
Yes... This plug-in is for black:

; Change Background Color plugin
; by Troglodyte

Signature= "$Windows NT$"

Name="Change BG Color"

0x0,"Control Panel\Colors"
0x1,"Control Panel\Colors","Background","0 0 0"

However, it can easily be changed by altering the value of "Background"... the easiest way to figure out the coresponding values in relation to the color, is to set your background to that color on a real XP, 2003, or 2000 OS. Then copy that value into this plug-in, and you should be all set.

Hope that was clear...
is their a cdshell command for that?

that wont work with cdshell... ph34r.gif
Use the set command to modify the textColor variable, then clear the screen.

The following will change to blue text on a white background:
set textColor = color[blue on white]
thx that worked biggrin.gif
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