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Full Version: Problem With Cdshell And Bartpe
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Already posted this within the PEBuilder Forum. Just didn't get any answers. sad.gif I hope someone here can help! rolleyes.gif

First, hello to everyone!

Your posts in this forum already helped me alot! biggrin.gif I just couldn't find anything about this issue.

Now to my problem:
I made a CD-Shell StartMenu. Everything is fine so far. I now want to integrate BartPE. I read the description on UltimeDVD (I believe its from ZuluNiner? If so, could you manage to make an english version plz? smile.gif )
Though the page is in french (and i can't understand every word) i managed to understand enough to follow the described procedure. I made the ISO image, burned it on CD (don't have VirtualPC or VMWare sad.gif ) and now i'm getting an exception error at the beginning of the boot process of BartPE. It says something like
TRAP 00000006 ============ EXCEPTION ====================

I don't have an idea what went wrong. I hope anyone of you can help?

Many thanx in advance!


P.S.: I'm using the following command to load the boot-image:

where BOOTBPE.DAT is bootsect.bin. It seems to load bootsect.bin and bootfix.bin (because i get the "Press a key to start from CD" message) but stops afterwards with the message above including some hex-adresses.

Again, thanx for any help!
well i don't know the problem but the guide you pointed to looks similar to this guide in english
you can use where it says how to add ERD Commander 2003 as it is based on pe
You should try with the bootCD Wizard module for CDshell.
It works for me.
Thank you for the link. I'll examine it tomorrow. I'm giving up for tonight. I just watched installing cygwin and compiling cdrtools for over two hours. And ofcourse ... it didn't work. blink.gif Thats enough for me for today. smile.gif

I've tried the BCDW. I'ld rather use CDShell without it. I want to try making the iso-file with latest mkisofs (i was using cdimage.exe so far) but i'll have to get a clean compilation first. rolleyes.gif

Thank you both, i'll try again tomorrow. I'll let you know when i have success.

Cheers, Plauderer
Me'se giv up! huh.gif I finaly managed to compile mkisofs 2.01a28 and created the iso-image. But now the CD wont boot at all. blink.gif It's detected as bootable but PC hangs on trying to boot from it. .... hmmm .... maybe i'll try again later.

Thank you for your help anyhow!
Cheers, Plauderer

P.S.: At the moment i believe using different CDs for Knoppix, BartPE and custom RescueCD has its own advantages. smile.gif
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