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Full Version: Bcdw.csm Error: File Not Found.
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The bcdw module doesn't work with the newer builds of CD Shell. Is it going to be supported in later builds or will it require reanimatolog to make a new one?
Try giving a better description of what your problem is.

I don't know about the newest version of cdshell, but even the older version has a
problem with the -allow-lowercase option in mkisofs.exe.

Troglodyte has plugin that works as long as you do not use -allow-lowercase.
It took me a while to figure out why I kept getting the "file not found" error.
I've tried it with both build 16 and 17. I was calling it from the CD Shell console while experimenting with it.
I was able to get it to boot a drive letter, such as A: or C:, but when I passed any other file it gives me that error.
I can use chain on the same files and they work.
I tried it with build 11 and it works. It's as important to me now, was experimenting with passing commands to setupldr.bin and it doesn't seem to take any.
Please disregard this post. The new beta explains that older modules don't work.
You can use the new version of the BCDW module, at reanimatolog's site.
Right Syntaxe is now

bcdw boot /file.img
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