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Full Version: 808 Error Since Upgrading + 1 Script Question
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Hi guys,

edit: I solved the script problem mentioned in the topic myself ( stupid me laugh.gif )
Following problem still exists though:

I have been using CDSHELL 2.0.11 successfully for some time now. Recently I downloaded the latest stable version, 2.1.3 I think.

I left everything as it was with 2.0.11, only copied my cdshell.ini from my old installation but I keep getting 808xxxxx errors after booting. Path to loader.bin stayed the same, modules folder is still inside boot folder ... I cannot seem to find the cause for this error.

If I copy the contents of the old 2.0.11 installation back, everything works fine.

Any ideas ?

Thanks for your help !
you should post your cdshell.ini so ppl can have a look
Hi cworks ...

ok here´s my cdshell.ini:

print "\n"
print " Press Enter to boot from DVD... \n"
getkey 6 boot 0x80
if $lastKey == key[enter]; then goto menu

set textColor= color[grey on black]
set boldColor= color[cyan on black]

print c "\n"
print c "\cXX  Advanced Multi-Boot DVD \n\n"
print c "\n"
print " PRESS ENTER)       Windows XP Pro inkl.SP2  Auto Installation \n"
print c "\n"
print c "\n"
print " PRESS 2)           Windows XP Pro inkl.SP2  Normale Installation \n"
print " PRESS 3)           Acronis True Image  \n"
print " PRESS 4)           Acronis Disk Director Suite \n"
print " PRESS 5)           ERD Commander 2003 Adminpack \n"
print " PRESS 6)           Spinrite 6 Data Recovering Application \n"
print " PRESS 7)           Memtest 86+ 1.26 \n"
print " PRESS 8)           DOS Startdisk \n"
print c "\n"
print " PRESS ESC)         Computer neu starten (reboot) \n"
print c "\n"

if $lastKey == key[enter]; then chain /IMAGES/PRO1.DAT
if $lastKey == key[2]; then chain /IMAGES/PRO2.DAT
if $lastKey == key[3]; then bcdw /IMAGES/Acronis/TRUE.WBT
if $lastKey == key[4]; then bcdw /IMAGES/Acronis/DDI.WBT
if $lastKey == key[5]; then chain /IMAGES/ERD1.DAT
if $lastKey == key[6]; then bcdw /IMAGES/SPIN.IMA
if $lastKey == key[7]; then isolinux /IMAGES/MEM.DAT
if $lastKey == key[8]; then bcdw /IMAGES/DOS.IMA
if $lastKey == key[esc]; then reboot
else goto menu

am I right in saying that BCDW does not work with 2.1.3
I have WINPE created with winxpsp2 SETUPLDR.BIN
how do I launch WINPE in cdshell? I do not know how to use chain (SETUPLDR.BIN is greater than 64K).
You need to chain the bootsector file from an XP CD.
well i couldn't re-create the error until i deleted cdsh.bin in the boot folder
then i got an error 80800BF9

I used your .ini and CD Shell 2.1.3
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