I have some probs with CDShell 2.1.3. (Erleary also)
At most pc's it boots normal.
But some pc's give an script error, and i can't figure out what the prob is.
(PS: Does it matter if the files are saved as DOS or Unex format?)

Error: Could not read from the device.
[command: script] [line: 20.4] [File: cdshell.ini]

File: "cdshell.ini"
# Set the name of the file we will attempt to start
set BootTimeOut = 30
set ScriptPath = "orbit/menus"
set ScriptFile = "_main.mnu"
set FloppyPath = "/images"
set KeyPressed = 0

# Menu Top
set textCursorX = 0; set textCursorY = 0
set textColor = color[white on black]
set textColor = color[yellow on red]
print "                                                                                "
print "                           ..:: ORBIT BOOT TOOLS ::..                           "
print "                                                                                "

# Check for the script.
if file[$ScriptPath/$ScriptFile]; then set BootToolsVersion = "1.0.1"; then cd $ScriptPath; then script $ScriptFile

# Script not found.
print "\nOrbit script not found!\n"