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Full Version: How To Integrate Other Software
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Maybe Im just to stupid, but i couldnt find that on the guide.

id like to integrate 2 kinds of software into my bootable dvd: winxp and 98se (cd-images) and some bootqable diskettes. how can i do that?
Is it possible to integrate 2 winxp, for example sp2 and sp1?

Yes, it is!
View this topic
and follow cworks links.

Or... use search function (all forums - more than30 days).
YouŽll find many answers
Ah, wonderful. now i know how to create the menu smile.gif

but there one thing id like to change. Is it possilbe to skip the logo of cdshell?
ah yeah and is it possible to use the german kind of date? ( I always get §month or something elso wrong. the only way is to set a space , but 24. 9. 2004 doesnt look very good sad.gif
It looks like ugly code to me, but here's what I've got working:
print "$DateDay"
print "."
print "$DateMonth"
print "."
print "$DateYear"
but how do i get this to the right border? print r "$time" print r "$dateday" causes losing the number for date at all....
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