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Full Version: Big Bug
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I built some CD Shell 2.1.03 ISOs with Nero 6, cdimage and mkisofs, and they worked fine on VMware. I burned them to a CDRW, and that also worked on VMware. But when I boot it on the real PC, I get a "Could not read from the device" error. The dir command doesn't see any files or directories, but the cd command does. I tried long filenames, short filenames, Joliet, track-at-one, disc-at-once, and nothing works. I've seen several people have the same issue, and some reported that using a different recorder solved the problem. I'm downloading CD Shell 2.0.11 from eMule (only 2 or 3 available sources, that can take some time), when I check that version I'll post again.

My PC:
Windows XP Pro SP2
VMware Workstation
Samsung 52x24x52 CD recorder
Epox 8KHA+ motherboard (Award BIOS)
The problem has already been identified (although not explicitly) here. See whether the suggestions there work for you or not.


PS. The latest VMWare is 4.5.2 now smile.gif
OK, I got v2.0.11, and it works. You can get it from eMule:


I'd check the source and try to identify the bug, but my assembly is worse than my english. Chau!
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