Well i got the motivation to upgrade my bootcd
and went and downloaded CDShell version 2.1.4
and i am impressed with the improvements !

After trying out the doctorxp sample scripts
that are included in the distribution i have
found a nasty menu bug that i can not fix..

so default the .ini is set to run "example.cds"
so i changed the cdshell.ini
to run "dblblue.cds" instead and after the menu loads
press up on the keyboard (from the debugger)
and the menu will crash with the following error..

Error: Operand Expected.
[Command: If] [Line: 70.1] [File: _dblmenu.cds]

Also this error happens on unmodified scripts
everything left in its original state except for
the script name that cdshell.ini calls (that i changed to dblblue.cds)

And i have been trying to base my CD
on the example menu then call "script dblblue.cds"
as an option and then on the file another dblblue.cds...
(chaining them together)
And that works fine from example.cds to dblblue.cds
but when i then click on my 3rd menu (a 2nd dblblue.cds) it wants to crash.

So if anyone has a fix for this dblblue.cds script
that would be great, im havin a hard time seeing the problem
and its such a slick multifeatured menu system
i would love to be able to use it for my cd smile.gif
thanx for reading my story people

Ok i figured out why i couldnt chain together
some of these doublemenu examples..
i had too long of a filename on a couple of them !
as soon as i named my example menus with
7 characters and the extension everything is working.. weird !

But this script is way over my head i don't think
i can figure out why when ya load the provided example
double sided menu script that it crashes the menu..
o well ill just have to not hit up on the first menu option wink.gif